Algorithms are the collection of multiple well defined steps, computer implementable instructions to solve a particular program. World’s first computer algorithm was written by  Ada Lovelace(also known as mother of computer programming), which was published in 1843.

There are some traits of a relevant algorithm, such as:

  1. Shortest path.
  2. Runtime analysis.
  3. Maximum flow.
  4. Sequence comparison.
  5. Sorting

A data structure is a collection of data type ‘values’ which are stored and organized in such a way that it allows for efficient access and modification and also for the purpose of using it with various algorithms.

Now, here comes basically 4 types of data structures

  1. Linear: arrays, lists
  2. Tree: binary, heaps, space partitioning etc.
  3. Graphs: decision, directed, acyclic etc
  4. Hash: distributed hash table, hash tree etc.


DSA plays a major role in the hiring process and implementing software as well. DSA are interrelated to each other. At one point where an algorithm is applied to a particular data structure to make it work so at the other point the right data structure helps to improve the working of an algorithm. Searching, sorting, updating, inserting, deleting  are all the main categories of algorithms in relation to data structures.

Engineers working in Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon-like such companies are different than others and paid higher as compared to other companies…but why?

These companies hire people who can think out of the box to design algorithms. In these kind of companies coding is just an implementation and roughly takes 20-30% of the total time allotted for the project and most of the time gets consumed into designing the things with the best algorithms to save on the company’s resources.

Apart from this, combination of ml and DSA can also result in amazing working products. Due to high tech advancements, DSA has become crucial indeed in today’s era.

DSA is known as the core of the computer science, with the rapid tech development and advancements in computer science field, more and more data is getting stored and processed.  This is where DSA helps by improving the processing power of the systems due to the effective utilization of the stored data. 

DSA’s concepts can be implemented in any programming language. It gives a smooth path for learning new languages and using them in one’s project. If one is not aware with DSA, he may find it difficult to understand the code and find an appropriate solution for it.

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