Don’t waste your time, Invest your time

By – Rohan Kumar

Possibilities are proportional to your determination and desire !

In the present time while the entire mankind is evidencing the outbreak of this never before imagined pandemic, we humans seems affected badly. The traditional way of higher education have been entirely changed. On one side while it seems hard for the students and institutions to cope up with, it on the other side opened the gates for the immense resources and opportunities for the students. As life have shifted from real world to this virtual world of digital existence, resources are now few clicks away from one. Through this blog i will be sharing with you some of the tips, tricks, ways and resources to get the best out of you.

How to utilize your time in best way possible

1. Get yourself Engaged:
Getting yourself engaged to learning new things, don’t specify this just for learning academically but explore the other side of you. Keep your time scheduled in a way that you will ensure no time wasting on scrolling instagram/facebook feeds. Consider joining a number of free courses that are present out there and add up your database with the current trend of era.

2. Explore what your friends/connections doing:
Well it’s not wrong to adapt something that is good for you, keep an eye on the updates over what your friends doing and have a conversation with them time to time so that you could also adapt something that is good for you. The best way to do this is LinkedIn itself, keep your view over the feeds showing various events and programs that your connections are enrolled, search out web after finding something new check if it works for you and don’t hesitate to ask or to go for it.

3. Search as much as possible:
While everything is now present to the internet don’t hesitate to invest your time searching up some random opportunities about the random companies, organizations and much more.

4. Keep on Connnecting:
While we all know the power of network at the present situation of time, it’s always a plus for you to connect to as many relevant people as possible. Use LinkedIn as your primary source and explore out what going throughout this globe, follow communities, pages, potential companies and connect people out there.


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