In the present time while things have gone remote and we all are struggling hard to sustain a disciplined life, it is important to maintain consistency for achieving the desired goals. While been asked a number of times from the people over various platforms that how I find opportunities and things, here is what I suggest to everyone:-

  1. Explore random stuff in free time (Internet is your best friend).
  2. Invest time in learning something new.
  3. Explore the people and find what they are doing.
  4. Search every new thing you find into someones profile.
  5. Take part in events of your choice and likings.
  6. Seek out for help whenever needed, there are really a number of people that could possibly mentor you for good.
  7. Don’t Bound yourself Within a topic but try different domains, you never know what the next thing you will fall in love with.
  8. Be consistent and try to devote certain time for learning each day.
  9. Compete with yourself not with others. 
  10. Believe in yourself, it might take time but you will eventually find with what you want when you try with your heart and mind.

Resources that can be helpful :-

 Have Things Structured/Organised 


Learning New Courses


Finding Events


Don’t worry if it takes time, good things actually do need time, just be motivated and keep on attempting, Everyone is unique in it’s own way.

I hope this could be helpful to you in someway, keep on following us for the new content and resources.

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