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About Us

We believe in you and we believe in us !

About Us

"We believes education, opportunity and now technology are universal and must be there for No Cost to everyone "
Let’s learn together and make this journey of exploring fun

Make Learning Free And Fun

As our aim we provides you with some of the amazing learning opportunities in the term of free courses, chosen across the platforms like Coursera, edX and much more. Apart from this we connects you with mentors who will be there to guide you throughout your journey.

Provides Opportunity

As a part of growth, we understands after learning it's important to apply your knowledge for a meaning. Through Perplexed we get you a chance to contribute for the growth of other organization working for the good.

Polish Personal Skills

Apart from the technical orientation we consider the personal growth in terms of personality development is equally important. At Perplexed we provides you with the opportunity to polish yourself by getting involved with the organization and in the conducted activities.

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