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Let's explore this era of learning together!


What is Perplexed?

Perplexed is an initiative started with the aim of helping students by providing them free resourcesequal opportunities and much more to ensure their growth in this rapidly changing world.


Apart from this we are here to help organizations working for the welfare of students by enabling them digitally, managing their events, finding solutions, spreading awareness and much more for no cost.


We believe that everyone among us have something to share and through our initiative, we provide you this opportunity to give back to society through your way.


“We believe that learnings, opportunities and  technology are  universal. So do we provide them for free “

What Perplexed Have To Offer?
Perplexed for Students
Are you someone Who loves to explore new things and likes to learn amazing skills, so Perplexed is your place.
Explore amazing opportunities, courses and million more out there “FOR FREE”, get involved into worthy activities as well as apply your learning simultaneously, get connected to your mentor, work for good and more of that enjoy your journey.
"Possibilities only subjects to your mindset"
Perplexed for Organizations

Are you an organisation doing anything for the betterment or welfare of students, if yes than Perplexed is there for you to work with you at “NO COST”.
We help to enable you digitally in this virtual world of networks, we will promote your events, help you organise things, gather you resources and do whatever best possible by us.

"Let's craft this era together for good"
Perplexed for Everyone

Are you the person who want to “Give Back” to society through your knowledge or resources or anything, if yes than Perplexed is your place. 

We highly encourage everyone present out there across the globe to do something good for the society and the mankind. We believe that each one among us is unique and can share something.

"Let's ignite the wave of digital revolution"


Why Should I Get Involved?
"The power to question is the basis of all human progress"

Considering the quote by the Indra Gandhi, We believe questioning is important and so what you must do to everything.

Learning is a life long journey!

We highly believe that learning is directly proportional to your growth. Let’s have Perplexed as your partner through this journey and make it worthy. Explore our resources, blogs, opportunities, community and much more for free as we believe that learning is something universal.

Supporting the community for Good

Once you have learned something, what’s the better place to apply other than a cause dedicated for the welfare and good of this society and our community.